ezNova Technologies LLC Launches ezClocker As The Most Affordable And Simplest Employee Time Tracking And Scheduling Software For Small Business

‎ezclocker Personal Timecard On The App Store

You can also send time tracker reports to your clients so they can see how many hours you worked and what they need to pay. You add all the information concerning your employees on the app and adjust their projects according to their profiles. TimeWerks allows your employees to add time manually or automatically using the running timer. Once the app collects all data about your employees, it backups the data on a cloud-based server. TimeWerks is a timesheet app that places a heavy focus on efficiency. To use this app, you should set up employee work hours before they can use it. Once all information is added to the program, TimeWerks ensures all employees work within the pre-set conditions.

  • Timesheets give you an honest reflection of the time required to complete a project.
  • Easy to use small business employee time tracking website and mobile app.
  • Insightful is an extremely lightweight and user-friendly employee monitoring software that tracks computer activity on both Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • This app provides handy reminders to clock-in and out when to take breaks and all sorts of other reminders.
  • They also award badges if someone has consistently high activity levels, which is also motivating for employees.
  • Attempting to track time worked in advance or days after the fact is not acceptable.

We hope we’ve given you a better understanding of how Hour Timesheet flawlessly integrates with QuickBooks Desktop. Together they offer the best most user-friendly DCAA time tracking compliant software on the market. Location Tracking – Available on the Hour Timesheet mobile app, managers can keep track of employee location when working at home or off-site. Job Costing – Track and manage job costs, labor costs, and other information directly on the platform.


They can seamlessly integrate payroll software such as QuickBooks or Paychex to track billable and non-billable hours. Additionally, Hour Timesheet is DCAA compliant, providing its legal clients with the necessary audit log. Hour Timesheet is the timekeeping software designed with lawyers in mind. Other ease-of-use features include employees being able to view their schedules and timesheets in real-time. In the event you need to export payroll data, ezClocker can email timesheets to anyone you need. It also provides an iPad time clock app where you limit employees to only one device for clocking-in or out. Employees can use either their Smartphone to view timesheets and schedules or their computers.

  • It has powerful features that ensure better collaboration and productivity.
  • Real-time synchronization with this portal can be a good idea for employers.
  • The timesheet tool also helps ensure proper resource allocation.
  • Our time card calculator does the math for you automatically.
  • Site Boss has been designed specifically for Site Supervisors and staff, giving them the paper tools they need to complete daily paperwork on site.
  • This can provide you with a much better idea of the time it will require to complete each step, allowing you to produce a more accurate schedule going forward.

Directed at small business in the United States, it allows for the spread of new ideas. These businesses may never have the opportunity to market otherwise due to business concerns.

Best Apps for Busy & Forgetful People

Everhour will give you the basics you need for time tracking as well as help you keep track of business expenses. Hubstaff is a time tracking software that has a desktop, iPhone, and Android applications. It allows you to understand what your employees are working on and real-time progress reports of each project. Hubstaff allows you to create job sites, where your team can automatically clock in and out as they arrive and leave. Timesheet apps allow you as a business owner to keep track of your employees’ productivity and efficiency. Moreover, these tech tools allow you to bill your clients for your services accurately. To help you search for the best timesheet app, the outline below consists of a list of the absolute best timesheet apps that can help you track work hours and reach your goal.

‎ezclocker Personal Timecard On The App Store

It costs $12 per seat per month and can accommodate unlimited seats and projects. If you’re just one user handling two projects, you can use the free version, but the features can be limited. TimeCamp has great integrations with other popular tools such as Trello, Asana, and Clickup. That means you can track time while you or other employees are working on projects on those platforms.

Apps for Meeting New People

Tools like Indy have time tracking, invoicing, getting paid, tasks, and contracts. These tools all integrate with each other so you can manage your full freelancing business from one toolset.

With the Replicon time and attendance tracking app, you can get rid of paper time cards and apps that don’t work well together once and for all. Sling also offers a unique feature that turns any phone, tablet, or computer into a time clock. It allows your employees to clock in and out of their shifts without clogging up a central terminal. Sling even notifies you when an employee is running late or forgets to clock in. In addition to using the ezClocker mobile app, employers can also go to the website ezclocker.com to view time sheets, create schedules or export the data. Easy online scheduling lets employers skip emailing employees their shift schedules and instead have them view it from anywhere using their PC or mobile device – in real-time. Employers also can create, modify, view and assign shifts to employees.

In order to be DCAA compliant, the company must retain timesheet data for at least two years.

While Harvest does a great job keeping track of time on specific projects, it’s not a time clock per se, nor does it tabulate attendance directly. If you’re looking for an app your employees can use to clock in and out and that will also help you with reporting, labor costs, and scheduling, Sling is the better choice.

Specifically, in the event they need help with their auditing procedures. Time To Eliminate Data Entry For Good – The QuickBooks “one-click” sync imports employee data and customer/job data into Hour Timesheet for quick employee profile setup. No more manual data entry for every new job or contract. The app does require a subscription to use, but luckily it’s not too expensive. It backs up your stuff to the cloud so you can get to it quickly and you can export to a document at any time. The developers also offer some extra free usage to healthcare workers impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, so that’s nice.

‎ezclocker Personal Timecard On The App Store

It has powerful features that ensure better collaboration and productivity. Because all team members have access to the employee timesheet, everyone is on the same page as to who’s in charge of what during specific work hours. When someone doesn’t show up during a specific shift, you can quickly find a replacement. The analytics feature of a good time tracking app can also help you determine where you can cut costs. A timesheet app that has this feature shows relevant data in an organized way.

Others even have in-built analytics reporting, budgeting, and invoicing capabilities. Timesheet apps are indispensable nowadays as more companies transition into the digital because of the pandemic.

Similar Apps to ezClocker Personal Timecard

If you’re managing multiple clients, this is a great platform to help you spend less time on the business side of things and more time doing what you love. If you’re a small business trying to save money on expenses, Clockify might be a good option for you. Clockify has the basic things you need in an employee timesheet app. Just click the Start button, and it starts recording the hours spent on a specific project. If you want to start on a new project, you can easily add it to the online timesheet, and it can also track time spent on that specific task. TSheets allows employees to keep their existing smartphones to quickly and efficiently track their work time. This app provides handy reminders to clock-in and out when to take breaks and all sorts of other reminders.

However, it can become too complicated when, for example, your employees travel for work, punch-in early or leave late, or use mobile devices to remain connected to work after hours. The following is a brief overview of some of the do’s and don’ts to help you manage your timekeeping responsibilities.

‎ezclocker Personal Timecard On The App Store

Toggl offers a freemium model with time tracking, idle time detection, and exportable reports. Still, if you’re looking for advanced features like billable rates, project time estimates, and tasks, you’ll need to pay $10 a month. If the employer wishes employees to use one device then ezClocker offers a kiosk app where all employees can sign in using a PIN number. Ideal if you have a group of employees working at one job location. EzClocker also has advanced settings where you can restrict employees from clocking in early, report overtime and labor job cost calculation.

Best Apps to Help Boost Productivity for Entrepreneurs

It’s time to take a look at upgrading your time tracking system. To help https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ with your decision, here are the five best time tracking apps for 2021.

  • With this free desktop app, you can overcome procrastination and complete your daily tasks.
  • ‘DCAA’ is an acronym and stands for the “Defense Contract Audit Agency”.
  • Employee productivityBuilt-in efficiency tools to help teams work smarter.
  • With electronic timekeeping, employees don’t have to concern themselves about whether or not they’re in line with the organization’s goals or stress about which tasks to focus on.
  • The greatest feature of this app is its Focus Mode which allows users to view and tackle one task at a time – this helps to prevent multitasking.
  • This is an excellent tool for new work-from-home folks so you can see how much time you spend at work, on break, or goofing off to boost your productivity.

Clockify doesn’t have a built-in invoice feature, so you have to export the data first to create invoices. You save time and reduce expenses from possible excess pay, too. You may opt out of any future contacts from us at any time. You can do the following at any time by contacting us via the email address or phone number given on our website. Without accurate timekeeping, there is very little chance of remaining within a budget. Timesheets give you an honest reflection of the time required to complete a project. In turn, this gives you an accurate estimate of the total cost of any project, program, or endeavor you take on.

The Top Time Tracking Apps of 2021

Easily clock in or out from your iPhone and log your working hours. Register your time when arriving to work, going out for lunch, working on the field and when you wrap it up for…

Straightforward and intuitive, it benefits any small business, including those in the janitorial, catering, landscape, health care, property management and construction industries. TrackingTime only has one paid plan–the Pro plan. The plan costs $7 per user per month and includes unlimited collaboration, advanced reporting, and time management. There’s also a free plan that includes three people and three projects. If you’re looking for a tool that doesn’t have a steep learning curve, Harvest should be one of your options. The time-tracking solution is pretty straightforward.

this app is kinda lame no cap

Some people complain that the tool also tracks what they do on the web during their private time. DeskTime, however, has said this wouldn’t happen if the tool had been turned off. If you want to check out how much you’ve worked in a week, you can check that out, too.

Is there an app for time cards?

Clockify is the completely free timesheet app for teams. Homebase is the timesheet application with features like time clock and team communication. ClickTime is the employee timesheet app for individuals and teams. ZoomShift is the best online timesheet app for hourly employees.

EzClocker is a highly rated timesheet and scheduling app for small businesses. Ideal for small teams who need a simple to use app that works within their ‎ezclocker Personal Timecard On The App Store budget. One of the reason’s ezClocker is highly rated on the AppStore is it’s simple design where even a non-tech person can figure out how to use it.

Hour Timesheet DCAA Compliance Software and the SBIR & STTR Programs

HoursTracker is good for employees who always are on the move. If your employees run a busy schedule, you should introduce them to HoursTracker for accurate work time tracking. You are not required to start or stop the tracker or make manual entries. You will get intuitive experience with changing job codes, clocking function and management, and monitoring actions. With its GPS functionality and background harmonization technology, it can provide you with necessary information without draining your battery. You can get a map of daily activities to increase your visualization. You will get modified and filtered reports by timeframe, job, and employee.

The Basic plan costs $7 per user per month and includes billable time tracking options. In the first phase, Federal agencies usually expect small businesses to have a basic time tracking system in place. This is because the Phase I awards are relatively small. They also want to ensure you can accurately differentiate indirect from direct costs in your accounting systems. This is why Hour Timesheet offers a DCAA compliant time tracking software, that is easy to use and understand. The days of lost timesheets are a thing of the past.

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