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ezNova Technologies LLC Launches ezClocker As The Most Affordable And Simplest Employee Time Tracking And Scheduling Software For Small Business

Content Taskade Best Apps for Busy & Forgetful People Apps for Meeting New People In order to be DCAA compliant, the company must retain timesheet data for at least two years. Similar Apps to ezClocker Personal Timecard Best Apps to Help Boost Productivity for Entrepreneurs The Top Time Tracking Apps of 2021 Hour Timesheet DCAA […]

Become an Enrolled Agent

Content What is the hardest part of the special enrollment exam? Pass With Confidence Scheduling your EA exam Enrolled Agent Program Enrolled agent exam requirements Accounting Exam Prep The Lambers Flash Trainer solution contains over 190 key terms, definitions, and formulas that are on the actual exam. The system will also monitor your progress and […]

What is a Prepayment? Definition Meaning Example

Content Understanding Prepayment How Does Prepayment Work? POLICY REQUIREMENTS AND POLICIES MANUAL prepayment These steps only apply if you make a lump sum payment and want to spread the cost. If you’re making a payment in instalments, you should record the payments as normal as and when you make them. We will address the accounting […]

The 11 Best Accounting Articles of 2018

Content The Future of Accounting is Intelligent Technology The Decision Relevance of Financial Reporting Tax & Accounting News Revenue Recognition: The Ultimate Guide Misc. Articles& Blog Accounting Resources & Guides The European Union recently hit Apple with a $14.5 billion tax bill, but that’s hardly the first or worst financial challenge the technology giant has […]